We have been strongly focused over the last few years on finding and improving bikes and gear we want to use and which in turn are well suited for the prospect of both world travel and daily life.  Bicycles are, without a doubt the most remarkable machines.  

We will use this category to explore the bikes, the gear and the ways to integrate your lives and travel with bikes with simplicity, and some style.


Expert tips and ramblings on bikes,  vans, kayaks and life. Such a life fun and rewarding.  It is a new way and a very old way.  Be sustainable, as much as yu can and enjoy the journey.

Nomadic Travel is not simple travel.  To be Nomadic is to be at home though your home may be moving.  In a traditional sense, most Nomadic peoples would move with the seasons, usually returning to the same range from year to year.  In the modern sense Travel can have more distance and a more varied time and topographic variety.  To be Nomadic, in both cases, has one being "at home" while underway, and it is the celebration and facilitation of this lifestyle I aim to cover with this category.

Read on and carry on.

Dated or at least less relevant to subjects at hand.

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