The Visc SL 305/349 is a Brand New and Upgraded Visc SL.

Visc SL with with upgraded 349 iso Velocity Aeroheat Rear Wheel (Cloud White)

As built, the Visc SL 305/349 weighs a remarkable 22 pounds.

We have modified Dahon's Visc SL to with a rebuilt Velocity Aeroheat (349 ISO size) rear wheel and added a more compact Shimano Capreo Derailleur and Capreo Shifter. These two changes evolve the Visc SL/349 to become, we feel, the ultimate urban rocket and business traveling accessory.

Wheel Size - ISO
16" - 349 iso

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The Visc D18 is one of our favorite bikes.

The Visc D18 is quite light with a comfortable step through, and a wide range of 18 Gears with a Shimano Tiiagra derailleur set.  It is really a pleasure to ride and a great bike for a variety of riding situations.  An ideal touring bike, the Visc D18 has a very wide gear range, is set up for front and rear racks.

This is one of the finest folding bikes available anywhere.

Wheel Size - ISO
20" - 406 iso

(Excl. tax)
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The Visc D18 is truly one of our favorite bikes.

Quite light, with a bit lower step through, and a wide range of 18 Gears with a Shimano Tiiagra derailleur set.. Really really a pleasure to ride. We will come back to the writing, but know that one of these is in our"go set" as I write.


Color variations also indicate differences in Component sets:
$100 upgrade to Tour Versions which include Rack, Fenders and Post Pump
$300 upgrade for "Snow" color is the Visc D18 Disc which features disc brakes, eifel handlpost and highly Stem adjuster. that accomidates any 31.8mm handlbar.

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The Replica Anniversary bike closely resembles the original in more than just appearance. Without sacrificing quality or design, the Replica's components have been slightly modified. While keeping the same carbon fiber fork and Control Tech alloy seatpost and handlebar, the Replica features lightweight 37 mm wheels, a chromoly rail, Selle San Marco Concor saddle and 30 speeds using SRAM Dualdrive and Shimano Tiagra derailleur.

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There is no stopping the durable versatility of the Visc D18 Disc. Featuring the new quick adjust Eifel Handlebar Post, Disc Brakes, and the superlative Visc Frame. We have found the D18 to be well suited for heavier riders. It has a wide range of gears and the stoutest handlebar post we know. Great for extended duration and frequent rides.

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The revolutionary NuVinci® N360™ CVT Drivetrain hub shift s intuitively and seamlessly with ease. Equipped with Dahon patented folding technology, the Mu N360 folds in less than 15 seconds and offers everything the heart desires for enjoyable urban – and uphill – commuting.Features/Benefits:NuVinci Drivetrain: a simple and seamlessly smooth way of shifting that is as easy as adjusting the volume on a radioDahon center mounted single stand allows easy foldingRecommended Accessories:Bike BurritoSKS MudguardsPostPump IncludedRackStrap Carrier

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Expect more from your folding bike. With a new dynamic frame design and 18 road ready speeds, the Visc D18 is a star performer on back roads or city streets; bridging the gap between high intensity jaunts and leisurely city outings.

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This is absolutely one of the nicest Folding Bikes available anywhere. Fast and rare, this is our last one.

Responsive Dalloy aluminum Mu SL10 frame and a fast rolling 451mm paired spoke wheel set will handle any terrain. Features the very smooth Shimano 105 11 Speed Derailleur and Cassette Set, as well as high performance caliper brakes.

We have upgraded the seat post with the Dahon PostPump which integrates a very functional high pressure foot pump into the seat post tube. This is great for bringing your tires to top performance pressures.

A performer seven days a week, the Mu SL11 is at home on famous climbs or riverside bike paths.
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DAHON’s iconic Mu frame sits on 20” wheels, driven by a perfectly balanced 10-speed Tiagra derailleur and wider tires. What more could you want? This clean combo can really go the distance, and feel more stable on any adventure.This Tour version of the Mu D10 comes standard with Arclite Rack, SKS Fenders and PostPump Standard..

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The Mu D10 is a tremendous bike. It features a very wide ranging 1 x 10 gear set with a high spec Shimano Tiagra derailleur. Current build comes with comfortable 2" wide 20" tires for a great city and touring combination.The rigid and well regarded Mu frame brings performance and a wide range of fit capabilities.One of our absolute favorities.

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Enjoy the thrill of long distance trekking or athletic jaunts while still having the compact folding convenience of a DAHON. Built on our ever popular Mu Rohloff i14 frame, this performance bike sports a top-of-the-line component package for unparalleled riding experience and durability.

SKU MU9-Agathe
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This model marks the reintroduction of the popular Brushed Aluminum finish to the ever popular Dahon Mariner D8.  The brushed finish looks good and tends to not show nicks the way painted bikes can (there is a clearcoat over the brushed finish).

For this and so many reason this is one of the nicest folding bikes in its category.  It folds up into a small package so you can store it easily in a closet, garage or car. It's a great choice for commuting or taking along on vacation. Frame is made from lightweight Dalloy Sonus tubeset. 20-inch aluminum single-wall rim wheels. Wide Span 8-speed Shimano drivetrain. Bolted Axles for security, Reliable Winzip aluminium V-brakes. Front and rear fenders block road spray. Rear rack included. Imported.

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Speed Uno - shadow The answer for no-hassle riding anytime. Last year we introduced the
functional, simple, stealthy-looking Mu Uno and it quickly became the favorite
of all who touched it. The Speed Uno is just as stealthy and portable but even
simpler and more aff ordable. Take one everywhere.


• Folds completely in under lO seconds

• Luggage Socket for attaching a variety of bags and baskets

Recommended Accessories:

• CarryOn Cover

• ArcLite rack

• Luggage Truss + Tour Bag

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The Speed D8 is an exceptional bike. Featuring quick-release components, sealed bottom bracket, double-walled comp tires and a very functional transmission, the Speed D8 is a svelte performer.The Speed D8 knows where it’s going and how to get there. Chase your victory with its true value in performance and style, the Speed D8’s stiff frame, rigid steering and comfy tires are uncompromising, even on the worst roads.Being made from Steel it is an excellent Touring Bike. If you are traveling the backroads of Asia, or on a trek across America, the frame can be repaired or added to by most competent welders.Its great component set will serve you well and makes the bike a joy to ride.
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Sporty performance and exceptional value are the qualities that make sure the Speed D7 Street stays at the top of our most popular bike list. This Street crusher has a light cromoly frame with a 7 speed Shimano RD-TX35 rear derailleur. It simply won’t let you down.
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This is a very special Vitesse D3 which we have modified to allow dissasembly of front and back to fit in the included Samsonite Suitcase. Our system leaves the rear wheel (and SRAM 3 Speed Hub) mounted to the frame together with chain and cabling in place. This greatly simplifies your ability to pack and unpack and use your bike all without needing put your mechanic's bib on.

The Vitesse D3 is a tremendous bikeand about the simplest multi geared bike to maintain and use on a day to day basis.

Built on the same frame platform as our Vitesse I7 (as well as Mariner and Formula bikes) the Vitesse D3 varies in 2 ways. The Internal Hub 3 speed platform (from SRAM) has a very wide and effective range of gears. Low for climbing, Mid for most of your riding, and High for high speed runs.

The second variation is the inclusion of a rear Coaster Brake rather than linear pull-brake. I had coaster brakes on 2 different bikes when I was young and they are truly a joy to use and are super responsive.

Benefits from these details. The Internal Hub is very easy to maintain and is not exposed to knocks that can occur in frequent commuting situations. Same goes for the brake setup. Adjustment is seldom needed, braking mechanics are very durable and reliable over the long haul. (Front linear pull brake is included in the package).

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Our lightweight aluminum Vybe D7 gets you moving with a handy twist shifter and seven speeds of gear range. This crowd-pleasing folding bike promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features that today's busy people have come to expect. 

The Vybe D7 Tiour featuring a hydroformed alloy Vybe frame,  Dahon's Deltec tension cord, rack and fenders.

SKU VYB_D7_Tour-Obsidian

This is a shipping returned, unused but scratched Vybe. Customer ordered then cancelled a few hours after we shipped. The bike came back in a different box and some of the paint on the bottom bracket was scratched.

Our lightweight aluminum Vybe D7 gets you moving with a handy twist shifter and seven speeds of gear range. This crowd-pleasing folding bike promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features that today's busy people have come to expect.

The Vybe D7 Tiour featuring a hydroformed alloy Vybe frame, Dahon's Deltec tension cord, rack and fenders.


The Curl i8 features three-point folding in a hydroformed Dalloy frame with oversized rectangular tubes, as well as a rear wheel flip-fold. Double down-tubes create a front triangle and the V-shaped coupling between the front and rear triangles turns the bike into a hard-tail. The bike also features strong removeable peddles and a roller rack for easy wheeling when folded. The strong new "Eifel Shaped" telescopic handlebar post and seat post allow for ergonomic adjustment for riders up to 190cm (6 ft 4) and 130kg (286 lbs)

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