Dahon's that are going, going gone...

Dahon has pulled out all the stops on several models of bike recently.  Pricing controls are gone on any "prior year model" (my term) - Closeouts (there term).  There are, among the set, some very good bikes available.  Several bikes, I am sorry that they are going away.  They have tremendous engineering in them, they work well.  It would seem that Dahon will support their spare parts moving forward.  A few of the bikes, notably the EEZZ, Jifo, and QIX models will really need that support as they have non-standard hub and wheel sizing.  Besides that though, they are really great bikes and people should jump on them if they are interested in getting some of the fastest and most compact folding bikes out there.

One bike that really stands out in the closing act is the Speed D8.  Going rate has dropped to $599 on these and it actually is much better equipped than most bikes going for $650 and more.  Some of the features specifically the Speed D8 has adjustable handlebar stem, sealed bearing bottom-bracket,  double wall rims, skewered hubs and a wide range cassette and derailleur setup.  The weight of the Speed D8 is very good and we have had a few very happy customers leave with the Speed D8. 

Available from us at this Link: 

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The Speed D8 has been replaced by the Speed D9 and it is available, albeit for a significanly higher price.

A few other bikes which Dahon has put out in "free fall" mode are the Anniversary version Curl I8, a very nice bike, as well as all versions of the Visc, which is one of our favorites.  My recomendation on these bikes are to get them while you can.  They will serve you very long and well.  You may or may not be able to get them in the future.

Other bikes going out with agressive pricing are the Mu D9 and Mu D10  (we are offering a pure Mu D10, which we have converted from the Mu D10 Tour.  Very fast and light with a huge range of gears and Shimano's wonderful Tiagra derailleur set.  (The Visc D18 also uses Shimano's Tiagra Derailleur sets).  Old Color Vitesse I7's are also available and on closeout.

If you are looking for a "deal" the "Ford by Dahon" bikes are available at very low pricing.  So low we have not found a way to actually sell them, but people are. I like the Taurus 7 Speed as well as the Muon models in that line up.

The Dahon Speed D7 has been one of our best sellers.  Price has dropped to a place where only the distribution system can make money on them, but get them while you can.  Not many left.  The Vybe D7 fits that nice moving forward so don't dispair if you miss the Speed.  One thing to always note, the Speed series are made with metal (not aluminum) frames.  For world travel this is a good frame to have in that you can find people to weld your frame just about anywhere if you need to.  On the other side of that, I note that most current model Alu Frame bikes use an 8mm hinge pin, while the metal framed Dahon's tend to use a 7mm one.  A small difference, but a difference none-the less.

Speed D8 though, highly recomended for combining quality with value.  Visc and Mu series bikes as well.

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