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Business at Nomadic has been moving in some new directions.  In cycling our focus has been on higher end folding bikes that are capable of travel, and nice to ride around town and beyond.  You can find considerable information on those fronts here.  Bicycle Trailers are an area of real interest right now and we have some excellent options for different usage scenarios.  We will document that more.

In other fronts though, Landis has become quite active on a consulting level in Project Managment for outside companies.  I should use the word "I" rather than "we" as I am quite singular in most of this.  The projects are diverse and engaging and I am very happy to add my service, expertise and disposition for "deep learning" which tends to be required in finding solutions.  I look forward to doing more of this with a few other clients, and I see this as an important way to look upon our own operations in finding ways to optimize our impact.  Note that the "I" becomes "we" there in the use of "our".  Needless to say, there has been no stimulous anything in our realm.  We are Bootstrap all the way baby.

Anyway,  the ticker list is long so I will leave this here for today.

I will return more frequently with posts and information.

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