Nomadic Life in the time of Covid-19

Well,  it is pretty obvious that being Nomadic has gotten more complicated in the era of Covid-19.  Counties, States and Countries all have clamped down on travel.  Campgrounds have been closed.  Local activities, as in trail access, has remained open, at least around here.  Social distancing in demanded.

I could comment further about the philisophical aspects to this but I will not.  We need to do our best to get through this.

We must also realize that there are those who remain "on the road" and who need to find ways.

If you have a bike, a camper or a pickup truck you can, it appears, get on the Interstate.  Truck stops seem to still be open.  You can buy food, cook for yourself.  Perhaps truck stops have take out options, we wouild have to assume.  In many places, people are being allowed to park and camp on city streets.  There are issues of full encampments in city parks and I think this is the tip of an iceberg that has been tumbling for a while now.  Campgrounds, not just oriented at RV's should be a part of most communities.  2 Week stay limitations should be enforced, but there should be enough campgrounds that people who do not have other options can move between them.

Walmart stores (by having a Grocery and Hardware compnent) are still open.  Other Grocery and Hardware as well.  Automotive and, in some places, Bicycle Repair, has remained theoretically open.  But functionally, people need to stay away from each other as much as possible.

It is not easy to see an end to all of this.   It is hard to know if quarantine enforcement will loosen or tigthen.  Again though,  keeping distance is critical for all of us.  We need to do so without becoming Anti-Social at the same time.

Be well, Be Safe.
Keep in touch with each other.

Landis Arnold

4-29-2020,  Niwot, Colorado

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